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Women's Sports Leggings - White
Women's Sports Leggings - White
Women's Sports Leggings - White
Women's Sports Leggings - White

Women's Sports Leggings - White

Stylish White sports cropped top for versatile workouts.

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Product Overview

  • Elevate your athletic wardrobe with this stylish green sports cropped top.
  • Enjoy excellent breathability, freedom of movement, and a flattering fit during your workouts.
  • The box-fit cropped design and drop shoulder style provide both comfort and style.
  • Whether you're hitting the gym, going for a run, or practicing yoga, this top keeps you looking and feeling great.
  • Experience the comfort of dry-fit fabric technology during intense exercises.
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  • Stay comfortable: Breathable fabric keeps you cool and comfortable during workouts.
  • Unrestricted movement: Designed for freedom of movement, making it suitable for various exercises.
  • Flattering silhouette: The box-fit cropped design enhances your style while providing comfort.
  • Versatile performance: Suitable for gym workouts, running, and yoga, offering both style and functionality.
  • Dry and comfortable: Dry-fit fabric technology ensures comfort even during intense workouts.
  • Ideal for active women seeking a breathable and stylish top for gym workouts, running, and yoga
Can I wear this top for yoga?
Yes, the top is designed for various exercises, including yoga.
Does the fabric provide good breathability?
Yes, the fabric offers excellent breathability for comfort during workouts.
Is the fit of the top flattering?
Absolutely, the box-fit cropped design provides a flattering silhouette.
What materials is the top made of?
The top is made of 48% polyester and 52% cotton.
Can I wear this for running?
Certainly, the top is suitable for running and other active exercises.

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