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Vegan Kimchi 200g - MAVI's
Vegan Kimchi 200g - MAVI's
Vegan Kimchi 200g - MAVI's
Vegan Kimchi 200g - MAVI's
Vegan Kimchi 200g - MAVI's

Vegan Kimchi 200g - MAVI's

Authentic Vegan Kimchi Delight.

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Product Overview

  • Traditional Korean dish: Vegan Kimchi.
  • Made with high-quality locally-sourced ingredients.
  • Offers probiotics and rich in vitamins.
  • Bold and complex flavors with health benefits.
  • No artificial preservatives or colors.
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  • Various fresh vegetables (cabbage, radish, carrots, scallions).
  • Blend of spices (garlic, ginger, chili pepper).
Taste / Texture
  • Bold and complex flavors.
  • Tangy, spicy, and bursting with taste.
  • Provides probiotics for gut health.
  • Rich in vitamins A and C, calcium, potassium.
  • Supports digestion, immunity, and overall wellness.
  • No artificial additives, full natural flavor.
  • Enjoy as a side dish or ingredient.
  • Rich in probiotics, vitamins, and flavor.
  • Incorporate into various meals for added taste.
What is Vegan Kimchi?
Vegan Kimchi is a traditional Korean dish made from various fresh vegetables and spices. It offers bold flavors and health benefits, rich in probiotics and vitamins.
How should I use Vegan Kimchi?
Enjoy Vegan Kimchi as a side dish or ingredient in various meals. It's rich in probiotics and vitamins, enhancing flavor and supporting gut health.
What are the key ingredients?
Various fresh vegetables including cabbage, radish, carrots, scallions, and a blend of spices such as garlic, ginger, and chili pepper.
What are the benefits of Vegan Kimchi?
Vegan Kimchi provides probiotics for gut health, vitamins A and C, calcium, potassium, and overall wellness support. It's free from artificial additives, delivering authentic natural flavor.
Who is Vegan Kimchi suited for?
It's suited for individuals seeking authentic Korean flavors, those interested in gut-friendly options, and anyone looking to enjoy a nutrient-rich side dish.

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