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The Flexbike
The Flexbike
The Flexbike
The Flexbike
The Flexbike
The Flexbike

The Flexbike

Smart Cardio Trainer with Virtual Rides

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Product Overview

  • Smart indoor bike for engaging cardio workouts.
  • Trainer-led workout sessions for effective training.
  • Bluetooth-enabled for connecting with Flexnest App.
  • Complimentary 1-Month Flexnest Membership for content.
  • Offers 100+ virtual rides in global cities.
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₹32,999 Save 6%
Regular price ₹34,999 Sale price
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Who is this for
  • Fitness enthusiasts seeking engaging cardio workouts.
  • Individuals looking for personalized trainer-led sessions.
  • Engaging cardio experience with virtual rides.
  • Personalized trainer-led workout sessions.
  • Easy connectivity for immersive training.
  • Complimentary 1-Month Flexnest Membership.
  • Smooth and efficient magnetic resistance.
  • Connect with Flexnest App for trainer-led workouts.
  • Enjoy virtual rides and follow guided sessions.
What is included in the Flexnest Membership?
The membership offers 1-Month of complimentary access to premium Flexnest content.
Can I connect my smartphone to the bike?
Yes, the bike is Bluetooth-enabled for connectivity with the Flexnest App.
Are the virtual rides pre-recorded?
Yes, you can enjoy 100+ virtual rides in various cities.
Is the magnetic resistance adjustable?
Yes, the bike offers silent and smooth magnetic resistance with adjustable levels.
What is the Flexbike's net weight?
The bike's net weight is 31kg.
What is the maximum user height?
The bike is suitable for users up to 6ft 4in tall.
Can I use a tablet with the Flexbike?
Yes, the bike supports tablets up to 11" size.

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