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Shaker 300 mL

Shaker 300 mL

Compact 300 mL Shaker

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Product Overview

  • Convenient 300 mL shaker for beverages
  • Easy way to prepare drinks on the go
  • Suitable for mixing protein shakes and more
  • Compact size for portability
  • Ideal for busy individuals and fitness enthusiasts
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₹199 Save 20%
Regular price ₹249 Sale price
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Who is this for
  • Individuals seeking a quick and easy way to prepare beverages
  • Fitness enthusiasts and those on the go
  • Easy preparation of beverages
  • Convenient for mixing protein shakes
  • Suitable for busy lifestyles
  • Compact and portable design
What is the purpose of the Shaker 300 mL?
The Shaker 300 mL is designed to provide a convenient and portable solution for mixing beverages, especially protein shakes.
Is the Shaker 300 mL suitable for fitness enthusiasts?
Yes, the shaker is ideal for individuals with active lifestyles, including fitness enthusiasts who need to prepare beverages on the go.
Can I use this shaker for other beverages besides protein shakes?
Yes, the shaker can be used to mix a variety of beverages, making it versatile for different drink options.
Is the Shaker 300 mL easy to carry around?
Absolutely, the compact design of the shaker makes it easy to carry in bags or gym kits.
How do I clean the Shaker 300 mL?
Cleaning instructions may vary, please refer to the provided guidelines for proper care and maintenance.

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