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Nutritionist at Team Nutritionist Saloni who has transformed over 3000 clients in the past 7 years.

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Product Overview

  • Join Saloni, a 7+ years experienced nutritionist, for a holistic and sustainable well-being journey.
  • Buy a slot with your preferred expert
  • Book your call over email
  • Meet your expert 1:1 over a zoom call
  • Tap into Saloni's expertise, specializing in transformative, sustainable nutrition with a focus on wholesome, seasonal meal plans for lasting results.
  • Get personalised shopping assistance with any of our fitness & wellness products
Regular price
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  • Buy a slot with your preferred expert.
  • Fill up a short pre-call questionnaire which is sent to your expert before each call to help them prepare
  • You will receive a confirmation Email + Whatsapp from us to confirm a timeslot.
  • Once the call is booked you'll receive a Zoom call link for the selected time slot.
  • Pre payment required for booking the slot, followed by requesting current medical reports /health check up to be mailed, after which onboarding details and google meet link sent.
Who is Saloni?
Saloni is a seasoned nutritionist and the driving force behind Team Nutritionist Saloni. With over 7 years of experience, she has transformed 3000+ clients, emphasizing personalized, wholesome meal plans and sustainable habits. Having overcome her own weight loss challenges, losing 55 kgs, Saloni brings a unique understanding to guide others on transformative wellness journeys. Her science-backed and holistic approach makes her a trusted expert for lasting health and well-being.
What can I expect in the 30 mins Consultation ?
We will touch base on your goals & aspirations alongside understanding the physiological aspects of the Client & providing valuable insights for their requirements.
What happens next?
If the client wants to work 1:1 with us, we will be pitching them our 1:1 programs and make them a part of our community .
Why should I consult?
Health is valuable & just like doctor’s are a prerequisite in today’s world, dietitians are too because its very important to know the nutrition rights and wrongs to manage health and wellbeing
Is this a 1:1 Video Call?
Yes, it's a 1:1 video call.
16 weeks Program?
Program details : this program is divided into 3 horizons , Phase 1 : 2 weeks of habit integration. Phase 2: 12 Handholding phase where we tightly hold the client’s hand with our diet plans & accountability so that they can easily achieve their desired goals. Phase 3 , 2 weeks of independence, where we train the client on how to self diet, manage their results and break free of dietitians for the rest of their life! Terms and conditions for fulfilment (online/in-person and what the process looks like): Step 1: Consultation calls / Discovery calls. Step 2 : Payment via Razorpay gateway. Step 3 : Onboarding the client. Step 4 : Filling in a detailed questionnaire. Step 5 : Commencing the plan post understanding the questionnaire
What can you (the client) expect in the 16 weeks program?
A 360 degree lifestyle and health transformation without compromising on their quality of living & nutrition!
What will the expert cover in this 16 week Program?
1. Multiple consultation calls with the dietitians as and when required 2. Weekly diet plans 3. Smart strategies to achieve the desired goal.
What happens next?
A beautiful transformation is awaited post this program.
Why should I consult?
We believe that we are not the right fit for everyone, some people are looking for quick fixes, for them we are not the right fit, some people are looking for fancy plans, even for them we are not the right fit! We believe, we are the right fit for only those who truly want to improve their lifestyle for good, to understand their own bodies and get the final diet fix of their life!
What makes the expert an expert?
Experience, knowledge & expertise.