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Papaya Menstrual Day-Use Pads - Box of 9
Papaya Menstrual Day-Use Pads - Box of 9

Papaya Menstrual Day-Use Pads - Box of 9

Rash-Free, Leak Proof Menstrual Day Pads

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Product Overview

  • Box of 9, day use rash-free pads for medium flow.
  • Our all-natural ingredients & breathable top sheet keep you rash-free and dry!
  • We use zero plastics and are fragrance-free; this means NO toxic chemicals like phthalates and VOCs in our pads.
  • Our patent-pending core is antimicrobial and nontoxic naturally.
  • We are fully compostable - Even in home composting environments!
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Who is this for
  • Women seeking rash-free and leak-proof menstrual protection.
  • Rash-Free and Leak Proof for worry-free comfort.
  • Anti-Microbial and Fragrance-Free for odor prevention.
  • Biodegradable and environmentally conscious.
  • Super-soft top sheet and breathable layers.
  • Wings for secure placement and freedom of movement.
  • Individually packaged day-use pads with wings for secure placement.
  • Suitable for medium flow.
What is included in the box?
The box contains 9 individually packaged day-use sanitary pads.
Are the pads fragrance-free?
Yes, the pads are fragrance-free to prevent odour.
Are these pads biodegradable?
Yes, the pads are biodegradable and compostable even in home composting settings!
What is the absorbency level?
The pads are suitable for medium flow.
Are the pads rash-free?
Yes, the pads are designed to be rash-free and comfortable.
Do the pads have wings for security?
Yes, the pads have wings to secure them in place.

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