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Everyday Kit
Everyday Kit
Everyday Kit

Everyday Kit

Wellness Essentials Bundle

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Product Overview

  • A bundle of wellness essentials for the whole family.
  • Includes a protein booster, natural sugar replacer, and digestive fiber.
  • Simplifies daily nutrition without compromising on taste.
  • No aftertaste or flavor.
  • Family-friendly and suitable for all ages.
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Who is this for
  • Suitable for individuals and families looking for convenient wellness solutions.
  • Protein helps build and repair muscles and bones.
  • Digestive fiber supports digestive health.
  • Natural sugar replacer for a healthier sweetener option.
  • Protein: Consume 1 gm per kg of body weight daily.
  • Digestive Fiber: Follow recommended serving size on the packaging.
  • Sugar Replacer: Use as a natural sweetener in your favorite recipes.
Why does one need Protein?
Protein is an important part of a healthy diet. They’re made up of chemical 'building blocks' called amino acids. Your body uses amino acids to build and repair muscles and bones and to make hormones and enzymes. They can also be used as an energy source, and your body needs 1 gm per kg body weight every day to function well.

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