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Coffee Date - Vegan Energy Bites
Coffee Date - Vegan Energy Bites

Coffee Date - Vegan Energy Bites

Real Nutrition in Every Bite.

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Product Overview

  • Plant-based, gluten-free, high-energy, low-calorie delight.
  • Made with Indian-grown hemp seeds and 4 other real ingredients.
  • No added sugar, whey, soy, coloring, or chemicals.
  • Super versatile with nuts for incredible taste and texture.
  • Suitable for anytime, anywhere snacking; Real ingredients for real nutrition.
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₹99 Save 6%
Regular price ₹105 Sale price
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  • Hemp Seeds
  • Nuts (Cashews)
  • Dates
  • Cocoa
Taste / Texture
  • Coffee
Who is this for
  • Anyone seeking a plant-based, energy-dense snack.
  • Individuals looking for a healthy alternative to traditional bars.
  • Suitable for those avoiding added sugars.
  • Provides instant energy for workouts or runs.
  • Works as a satisfying and healthy snack.
  • No sugar; plant-based power from hemp.
  • Nourishes with nutrients for overall well-being.
  • Convenient munchies for anytime, anywhere snacking.
What makes CAFOCO Coffee Date unique?
Plant-based, gluten-free, and made with real ingredients.
How does Hemp benefit the body?
Hemp adds plant-based power with protein, fiber, and Omegas.
Is there added sugar in the bites?
No, these bites are free from added sugars.
Can it be consumed before a workout?
Yes, it provides good instant energy, making it suitable for pre-workout.
Are these bars suitable for a vegan diet?
Yes, CAFOCO Coffee Date is entirely plant-based and vegan-friendly.

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