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BLOOM - Menstrual Pain Relief Roll-On - 10 ml
BLOOM - Menstrual Pain Relief Roll-On - 10 ml
BLOOM - Menstrual Pain Relief Roll-On - 10 ml
BLOOM - Menstrual Pain Relief Roll-On - 10 ml
BLOOM - Menstrual Pain Relief Roll-On - 10 ml
BLOOM - Menstrual Pain Relief Roll-On - 10 ml

BLOOM - Menstrual Pain Relief Roll-On - 10 ml

Menstrual Pain Relief Roll-On

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Product Overview

  • Proprietary ayurvedic formulation for menstrual pain relief.
  • Alleviates menstrual cramps and pain.
  • Contains full spectrum Cannabis leaf extract.
  • Provides natural treatment for symptomatic relief.
  • Eases pain in lower abdomen, back, and thighs.
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  • Full Spectrum Cannabis Leaf Extract
  • Peppermint Crystals
  • Camphor Oil
  • Ajwain Oil
  • Wintergreen Oil
Who is this for
  • Individuals experiencing menstrual pain and discomfort.
  • Helps reduce cramps.
  • Soothes pain in the abdomen, lower back, and thighs.
  • Uplifts mood and helps relax.
  • Vegan, Non-GMO, GMP-Certified, Cruelty-Free.
  • Roll the product over lower abdomen, lower back, and thighs during menstruation days.
  • For deep relief, apply before 5 days of the menstrual cycle up to the 5th day.
  • Apply 3-5 gentle strokes (approximately 1-2 ml) across affected areas.
  • Gently massage oil till absorbed.
  • Use as frequently as required daily or till pain abates.
Does the Cannabis (Vijaya) leaf-based product range have full spectrum extract or broad-spectrum extract or CBD isolate?
The Cannabis (Vijaya) leaf based product range is infused with Full-spectrum cannabis leaf extract, often called whole plant extracts. They contain a variety of cannabinoids, including CBD, CBDa, as well as terpenes and other compounds such as flavonoids, proteins, phenols, sterols, and esters. These extracts are desirable for several reasons. From an experiential standpoint, they replicate the flavour and aroma profile of the plant. From a therapeutic or medicinal standpoint, you get the full benefits of the entourage effect.
What is the Difference between CBD Oil & Hemp Seed Oil
CBD oil is primarily derived from the flowers and/or the leaves of the Cannabis plant, whereas Hemp Seed Oil is derived from the seed of the Hemp (Cannabis) plant. CBD is majorly used in the wellness space, as its properties help in balancing the human body's ECS, thereby providing relief from pain, inflammation and anxiety caused by different illness/ailments. Hemp Seed oil is majorly used in the nutritional or cosmetics space, as it comprises of amino acids, Omegas, Vitamin E, anti-oxidants and minerals. Hemp Seed Oil does not have a similar medically therapeutic nature as CBD does. However, it is well renowned for the nutritional benefits it provides to the human body
What is CBD?
The term CBD is an acronym for Cannabidiol, one of the 113 phytocannabinoids derived from the Cannabis plant species. CBD as a compound is completely devoid of the intoxicating activity, whilst also exhibiting analgesic, anxiolytic, anti-convulsant, anti-inflammatory, antineoplastic and chemo-preventive properties.
Is it legal to consume products with the Cannabis leaf Extract in India?
As per government regulations, medicines containing any schedule E (1) ingredient such as the Cannabis Sativa leaf can be legally taken under medical supervision. All products meant for oral consumption can only be purchased against a valid prescription issued by a registered medical practitioner.
Is CBD present in Hemp seed Oil?
No, CBD is not present in Hemp Seed Oil.

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