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Sonakshi Dhamija

I am the proud owner and founder of The Shala Delhi — a sanctuary dedicated to the profound practice of Ashtanga Yoga, aimed at rejuvenating the mind, body and soul. My journey with yoga commenced in 2015 under the expert guidance of R. Sharath Jois, a revered teacher and lineage holder of Ashtanga Yoga. My personal experience with Ashtanga Yoga was transformative, leading me to establish a space in Delhi where individuals could delve deep into themselves through this practice. The authenticity of Ashtanga Yoga captivated me during my first visit to Mysore in 2015, revealing its potential to alleviate stress and enhance mental clarity.

Street Creds

Authorised Ashtanga Teacher by Shri Sharath Jois from SYC/KPJAYI in Mysore

Founder at The Shala Delhi

60 secs with Sonakshi
Current fitness goal

CONSISTENCY! To keep doing what I do. Also, to use my phone a lot lesser than I do!

My cheat day looks like

Haha! Full of yummy food. I love home cooked food on most days but I also love Asian food so that’s my go to, other than a good pizza. Also, got a huge sweet tooth so a dessert is always part of my cheat day (and a few other days).

Favourite Character

Phoebe from Friends & Don from Madmen

Trend I'd like to see dissapear

Beer yoga for sure. Do your yoga then go have your beer. No one’s stopping you from doing both. You just don’t have to do it at the same time.

Your fitness+wellness journey

Work with what you have. Don’t wait for it to get ‘better’.

Superpower you wish you had


Biggest Learning

Work with what you have. Don’t wait for it to get ‘better’.


New Delhi

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Expert recommended

Cramp Comfort Heat Patch

Portable Period Pain Heat Relief

  • Natural Relief : Portable heat patch for period pain relief.
  • Long-lasting Heat : Emits heat up to 8 hours.
  • 100% Natural Ingredients : Safe and effective.
  • Easy to Use & Carry : Convenient for on-the-go pain relief.
  • Comfortable Periods : Helps reduce cramps for pain-free days.
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The Berry Pack

The Berry Pack

Exotic berry-flavored kombucha pack.

  • Combination of delicious kombucha flavors with exotic berries (Raspberry, Blueberry, Mango).
  • Packed with antioxidants for overall wellness.
  • Must be stored in the fridge.
  • Shelf life of 4 months unopened; 1 week in the fridge once opened.
  • Convenient single-serving size.
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Hemp Seed Oil- 250ml

Nutrient-rich Super-Food from The Mighty Himalayas.

  • Nutrient-rich Super-Food from The Mighty Himalayas.
  • Raw, vegan, sustainable, and gluten-free.
  • Benefits for Body: Reduces inflammation, eases PMS and menopause, reduces joint pain, improves eyesight, lowers cholesterol, boosts heart function, aids digestive health, reduces anxiety, elevates mood.
  • Benefits for Hair: Stimulates hair growth, moisturizes and nourishes hair, reduces scalp issues, strengthens hair follicles.
  • Benefits for Skin: Reduces acne, anti-aging, soothes skin, reduces rashes, helps with psoriasis and eczema, moisturizes deeply without clogging pores
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Shunyata - Relief

Relief is a cannabis based massage oil for joint and muscular pains

  • Cannabis leaf massage oil for joint pain relief.
  • Shunyata Relief is a polyherbal medicated massage oil.
  • Provides relief from chronic musculoskeletal pains.
  • Reduces joint pain, stiffness, muscle soreness, and inflammation.
  • Improves circulation and overall comfort.
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The Summer Pack

The Summer Pack

Refreshing summer kombucha pack.

  • Includes Mango Peach, Himalayan Plum, Raspberry Lemonade Kombucha, and Lychee Love Water Kefir.
  • Combination of special summer kombucha flavors.
  • Store in the fridge; 4-month shelf life unopened.
  • Single-serving size: 210ml.
  • Delivery within 2-3 days, usually within 24 hours.
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Period Pain Relief Drink Mix

Pain-Free Period Relief Drink

  • Relieves period cramps
  • Eases body ache
  • Sustains energy levels
  • Formulated with safe ingredients
  • Convenient sachet packaging
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Chocolate Hazelnut Fudge

Vegan Keto Chocolate Fudge

  • Melt-in-your-mouth delight with clean energy
  • Packed with healthy fats and simple ingredients
  • Vegan, keto, sugar-free, and gluten-free
  • Perfect balance of sweetness and energy
  • Enjoy guilt-free indulgence anywhere
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Aarja Bedi

ACE Certitied Personal Trainer & NASM Certified Nutritionist

Dr Ria Mukherjee

Ortho Physiotherapist & Sports Nutritionist

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High Performance Swim Coach, Organic Farmer & Aspiring Poly Extreme Sports Athlete

Gauravi Vinay

ACSM Certified Clinical Nutritionist

Karishma Devnani

Calisthenics Practitioner & Precision Nutritionist

Manasa Kannan

Fitness Trainer, POP Pilates Instructor & Women's Health Advocate

Aili Seghetti

Sex, Dating & Intimacy Coach

Urmi Kothari

Nike Elevated Trainer, Fitness, Movement, Energy & Activation Method Coach

Joel Eric Pinto

Precision Nutritionist & Corrective Exercise Specialist

Rizwan Khatee

National Level Triathlete, Professional Athlete, Open Water Swimmer & Fitness Coach

Ishan Lall

Fitness Trainer, Nutrition Coach & Animal Flow Instructor

Kieren Dsouza

Ultra Runner & Mountaineer

Aadit Zaveri

Professional Squash Player & Pro Ultramarathon Runner

Anupama Shivacharya

Calisthenics Coach, Surfboard Skateboarder & Surfer

Nishtha Bijlani

Yoga Instructor & Wellness Counsellor

Sarvash Kalra

Ex-cricketer, Strength & Conditioning Expert