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Partha Varanashi

Simply put, I am a molecular biologist, aquatic educator, high performance swim coach, organic farmer and an aspiring poly extreme sports athlete who is seeking a progressive intersection between movement and neurogenesis.

Street Creds

MSc Biotech from The University of Adelaide

Represented Team India at the 2019 FINA World Swimming Championships, Gwangju, South Korea

5 Time National Masters Swimming Champion

Participated in World Masters Championships in Montreal Canada 2015 & Budapest Hungary 2017

Achieved Personal Best Time at the age of 38 in Sprint Swimming clocking 25.4sec for 50m Freestyle

Presenter RLSSI

Presenter Austswim TSW

60 secs with Partha
Current fitness goal

Understand the body and be more aware, gain more motor control learning new sports and extreme sports. Post personal best times in sprint swimming. Explore food as medicine, bio hack and reverse ageing. Seek a sustainable lifestyle.

My cheat day looks like

Having 3 meals a day, eating out local cuisines, air fried poppadoms and jackfruit chips.

Favourite Character

Andrew Huberman & Joe Rogan

Trend I'd like to see dissapear

Excess screen time and self doubt.

Your fitness+wellness journey

Fabric of life and organic creation and its similarities with digital world.

Superpower you wish you had

To be able to sleep instantly and breath underwater.

Biggest Learning

Fabric of life and organic creation and its similarities with digital world.



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No-Nonsense Plant Protein

Plant-Powered Protein for Strength and Energy

  • Supports building lean muscle mass and healthy weight management.
  • Boosts stamina, endurance, and overall energy levels.
  • Made from plant sources - pea and brown rice.
  • Formulated with gut-healthy adaptogens and herbs.
  • Easy-to-digest, with a non-chalky texture.
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CORE T-shirt

Performance-Enhancing Athletic Tee

  • Lightweight tee for minimalists on a mission.
  • Suitable for gym, ring, or street workouts.
  • Superior moisture-wicking performance.
  • Built-in antimicrobial finish for odor control.
  • Versatile and designed for active individuals.
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Fast&Up Recover - Instant Muscle Recovery

Instant Muscle Recovery

  • Effervescent vegetarian amino acid supplement for muscle recovery.
  • Contains 20 Amino Acids and Glutathione.
  • Promotes protein synthesis and reduces protein breakdown.
  • Supports muscle recovery post-workout.
  • Available in Raspberry flavor.
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Basics Protein (Chocolate) - 30 Servings

Basics Protein (Chocolate) - 30 Servings

Lean Muscle Vegan Protein

  • 20g Pea Protein per serving.
  • Supports lean muscle development.
  • Easy digestion, no bloating.
  • Rich source of Iron.
  • 100% vegan & plant-based.
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