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Sudakshna Thampi

I'm a yoga teacher based in Kochi, Kerala teaching yin, hatha, and vinyasa styles of asana practice. I got into yoga for 2 reasons. One because it changed my life and brought me peace, stability, and well-being. Secondly, I wanted to bring something positive into this world. Yoga for me is not just asana practice, it is a holistic practice that includes mindfulness, being ethical and inculcating discipline. The practice transcends the mat and permeates into everything you do. That is the practice and the knowledge I teach.

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Swisse Vegan Collagen Builder

Youthful Skin Solution.

  • Supports youthful skin and natural glow.
  • Aids in skin regeneration.
  • Contains Vitamin C for skin repair.
  • Provides antioxidant support with Vitamin E and zinc.
  • Designed to counter the first signs of aging.
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Shunyata - Cramp Relief

Menstrual Cramp Relief Oil

  • Natural roll-on for menstrual cramp relief.
  • Contains cannabis leaf oil and herbal extracts.
  • Provides pain relief and reduces cramp-related pains.
  • Easy-to-use and travel-friendly design.
  • Suitable for external use only.
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Superfood Mushroom Coffee | Blend of Functional Mushrooms With Suntheanine™ in a BIOPHOTONIC GLASSJAR

Focus-Boosting Mushroom Coffee Blend.

  • Energizing blend of coffee infused with functional mushrooms.
  • Enhances focus, endurance, and cognitive health.
  • Anti-inflammatory and packed with antioxidants.
  • Eases anxiety and stress.
  • Suitable for active individuals and those seeking a caffeine alternative.
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Shunyata - Relief

Relief is a cannabis based massage oil for joint and muscular pains

  • Cannabis leaf massage oil for joint pain relief.
  • Shunyata Relief is a polyherbal medicated massage oil.
  • Provides relief from chronic musculoskeletal pains.
  • Reduces joint pain, stiffness, muscle soreness, and inflammation.
  • Improves circulation and overall comfort.
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