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Gauravi Vinay

I'm a zealous recipe creator whose popular food blog on Instagram is a reflection of my creative skills. Having lived in Bengaluru & Melbourne, two cities that are the melting pot of diverse cuisines, my passion for all things food & health helped me get started as a food consultant, where I design lip-smacking menus for cafes. I continue to consult with individuals to help meet their nutrition & health goals.

Street Creds

Cert IV Nutrition & Dietetics (Australia)

ACSM Certified Clinical Nutritionist

60 secs with Gauravi
Current fitness goal

I have been working out regularly but the past one year my goal has just been to move consistently and keep fit , but I am currently at a place where I want to move a step ahead and cut my body fat percentage and lift heavier.

My cheat day looks like

I don’t believe in cheat days, I like to enjoy my food without attaching any guilt or labels to it. This can be done smartly when you know your food and your body and a little bit of mindfulness.

Favourite Character

Can't think of any!

Trend I'd like to see dissapear

Detox diets, cleanses and juice diets. Dietary supplements and food replacements, fad diets.

Your fitness+wellness journey

Health is primary, everything else is possible only with good health.

Superpower you wish you had

A superpower would be to be at my optimal fitness, health and body shape at without any effort.

Biggest Learning

Health is primary, everything else is possible only with good health.



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PUre Couture Yoga Mats

Stylish Flamingo print non-slip yoga mat.

  • Grippiest yoga mat featuring stylish Flamingo print design.
  • Non-slip & sweat-absorbent for a secure practice.
  • Crafted using 100% natural rubber base and recycled PU top surface.
  • Provides superior grip even during intense sweat sessions.
  • Created by yoga teachers, perfect for all practitioners seeking quality and style.
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What's Up Kids Gummies

Complete Kids Multivitamin Gummies

  • Balanced nutrition for growing children
  • Supports brain health and immune system
  • Fulfills daily vitamins requirement
  • Contains 16 ingredients for healthy growth
  • Promotes strong bones, teeth, and muscles
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Swisse Heart Health

Heart Health Booster

  • Supports heart health and cardiovascular well-being
  • Contains Alpha Lipoic Acid and Vitamin E
  • Helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels
  • Vital for overall body health
  • Enhances heart, body, and mind well-being
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Expert recommended

INJA Pro Collagen

Enhance skin, hair, and wellness Marine Collagen

  • Finest Marine Collagen from Japan
  • Natural Flavor
  • 300 Grams with a 10-Gram Scoop Inside
  • Tasteless & Odorless
  • Rejuvenates, supports, and strengthens skin, hair, joints, muscles, and nails
  • Increases skin hydration and glow
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YourHappy SuperKids (Gummies)

Daily Essential Nutrients For Kids & Teens

  • Power-packed multivitamin+ for kids & teens
  • Soft chewables made from natural whole foods
  • Complete range of nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, antioxidants, vegan omega-3, probiotics, & fiber
  • Zero added sugar, 100% plant-based
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Coconut Lime Bar (Pack of 6)

Sweet & Tangy Coconut Lime Health Bars.

  • Sweet and tangy Coconut Lime bars.
  • Blended with plump dates, dried coconut, cashews, and lemon juice.
  • Contains omega-3 rich chia seeds.
  • A guilt-free indulgent treat with health-boosting ingredients.
  • Ideal for those seeking a delicious and nourishing snack.
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