BOHECO (Bombay Hemp Company) is a pioneering Indian brand focused on hemp and cannabis for health, wellness, and sustainable living. They offer a range of products, from Ayurvedic remedies to Himalayan hemp nutrition, all rooted in a journey to harness the potential of these versatile plants.

Meet the Founder(s)

Chirag Tekchandaney & 6 others

Tell us your founder's backstory! We’d love to get to know you.

Seven friends, one eureka moment in college, and a daring idea to make agriculture 'cool' with hemp. BOHECO sprouted from the roots of India’s heritage, weaving a greener future by rekindling an ancient Himalayan marvel. We’re here to EDUCATE, CULTIVATE, ELEVATE.

What’s your why? The thing that gets you up in the morning and excited to work on your brand!

Our 'why' is woven from the incredible health tapestry that hemp offers. Every morning, we spring out of bed, eager to spread wellness with this powerhouse plant. It's not just about the buzz—it's about nurturing wellbeing, one hemp leaf at a time, and seeing lives transform. Now that's a daily dose of motivation!

What makes your brand stand out in the crowd?

BOHECO stands apart as India's trailblazer, merging innovative hemp-based solutions with our rich traditional wisdom, propelling us to the forefront of a sustainable wellness revolution.

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learnt so far as a founder?

The greatest lesson we've learned is that the heart of innovation lies in truly understanding our customers' needs—listening to their stories, their struggles, and aspirations. It's about crafting not just a product, but a companion in their journey towards wellness, and being relentless in our pursuit to refine and adapt our offerings to serve them better. This customer-centric passion is the driving force behind every product we craft.

How do you spend your downtime/how do you decompress after work?

When the laptops shut down, you'll find us swapping boardroom tactics for football strategies. Each match is our collective reset button, a shared passion that recharges and unites us beyond the work we love.

What is your biggest pet peeve?

As pioneers in the hemp industry, our biggest pet peeve is the 'Hemp-ception'—the moment someone confuses our sustainable hero with its notorious cousin. We’re all about the seeds and leaves, not the weeds!

What is one thing most people don’t know about you?

We could spill the beans... but then we’d have to come up with a new mysterious fact, and we’re rather fond of this one.