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Bhavna Harchandrai

I am an Internationally Certified Fitness Instructor for 26 years. Proprietor of Fitness Fundas Studio, Malabar Hill, Mumbai. I am a Bestselling Author of ‘Five Fingers of Fitness’, a TEDx speaker. I have a TV show on-air TataPlay . I have been a Columnist at Hindustan Times, Fitness Contributor at Mumbai Mirror and Cover Girl for Women Fitness Magazine, India. I teach a variety of fun and effective fitness sessions mainly aimed towards women over 40.

Street Creds

Proprietor at Fitness Fundas Studio, Malabar Hill

Certified Personal Trainer - American Council on Exercise

Certified Group Fitness & Aerobics, Step & Boxercise Instructor - Nike, London

Mat & Reformer Certification - Balanced Body

Certified Zumba Instructor

Bestselling Author of Five Fingers of Fitness

Fitness Contributor at Mumbai Mirror

Cover Girl for Women Fitness Magazine, India

60 secs with Bhavna
Current fitness goal

I am 47 years old and I want to feel and look young and energetic and inspire others to do so without resorting to dangerous shortcuts.

My cheat day looks like

I eat chocolate daily. That’s my DAILY cheat. Else, I am a teetotaller, non smoker, don’t eat fried, maida, bread, cheese etc. My lifestyle is healthy, basic and sustainable.

Favourite Character

None. I have only idolised my grandmother for being an immensely strong and independent woman. No fictional character impresses me.

Trend I'd like to see dissapear

People resorting to shortcuts like taking Ozempic, Metformin and Diuretics to lose weight/ inches.

Your fitness+wellness journey

We don’t need to try and climb a mountain in one single day. Consistency and moderation are key to a lifetime of good health and well-being. I aim for health and wellness, not wealth and hell-ness.

Superpower you wish you had

I wish that people were not judgemental towards others. Everything is not about looking cool. If you wish to meditate, walk on the streets to burn extra calories, favour a gym workout over a hair appointment when you are struggling for time to fit in workouts, that’s fine. You don’t need to look like a model every time you go out. Prioritise your physical and mental health as opposed to trying to impress others with false vanity and glamour.

Biggest Learning

We don’t need to try and climb a mountain in one single day. Consistency and moderation are key to a lifetime of good health and well-being. I aim for health and wellness, not wealth and hell-ness.



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PUre Align Yoga Mat

Non-Slip Yoga Mat with Alignment Lines

  • Non-slip, sweat-absorbent yoga mat with laser engraved alignment lines.
  • Crafted with eco-friendly materials for stability and focus.
  • Longer and wider than standard mats, providing ample stretching space.
  • Made from natural rubber and recycled PU, free from toxic materials.
  • Ideal for yogis seeking grip, comfort, and sustainable practice.
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Expert recommended

Metabolically Lean

Balance your gut for weight management

  • Bring back balance to your gut microbiome.
  • Boost metabolism.
  • Reduce food cravings.
  • Promotes weight management.
  • Clinically proven Multi Strain blend.
₹660 Save 6%
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PRE-WORKOUT HIGH CAFFINE COMBO - High Protein Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter & Premium Instant Coffee 50g - Value Pack

High Caffeine Combo Pack

  • Premium pre-workout combo with high-protein dark chocolate peanut butter and premium instant coffee.
  • Provides a caffeine boost for energy.
  • Ideal for those needing an energy boost before workouts.
  • Vegan, gluten-free, and no trans fats.
  • Offers a delicious and energizing experience.
₹498 Save 36%
Regular price ₹778 Sale price
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ab wheel rollers

Core Strengthening Ab Wheel Rollers

  • Build a stronger core, tone muscles, and burn calories.
  • Ergonomically designed with a solid non-slip base for stability.
  • Features a retracting mechanism for maintaining form and function.
  • Includes a high-density knee pad for knee protection.
  • Suitable for individuals looking to improve core strength and overall fitness.
₹1,049 Save 65%
Regular price ₹2,999 Sale price
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Superfoods Protein - Cocoa Chocolate 30 Servings

Nutrient-rich plant-based protein blend

  • Provides 20g Organic Plant-Based Protein.
  • Contains 8g of fiber.
  • Enriched with supergreens, superfoods, vitamins, minerals, and trace minerals.
  • Offers 2 Billion Probiotics per serving.
  • Meets 100% daily requirements of most vitamins (A, B-complex, C, D3, E, and K2-7).
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The Flexibell

Adjustable Weight Dumbbells.

  • Replaces 15 pairs of dumbbells with adjustable weights.
  • Compact and smart design for home gym use.
  • Trusted by celebrities, including Arjun Kapoor.
₹8,999 Save 10%
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