Alpino, aims to combat protein deficiency in India by offering a wide range of peanut-based products, starting with Indian-flavored peanut butter. They prioritize quality, tradition, and transparency, sourcing the finest peanuts from Junagadh, Gujarat.

Meet the Founder(s)

Chetan Kanani & 5 Others

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We've had an amazing journey coming to where we are today. Six classmates from Engineering and Business Backgrounds together found Alpino. Dedication, Passion and Right choice of the Products and Consumers are leading the company to success.

What’s your why? The thing that gets you up in the morning and excited to work on your brand!

Make India a Protein Sufficient Country.

What makes your brand stand out in the crowd?

Standard of Quality

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learnt so far as a founder?

Never Ever Give Up, Keep giving the best.