Yoga for beginners: What you need to know, What you need to buy

Yoga for beginners: What you need to know, What you need to buy

If you’re new to yoga, it can be a confusing landscape. The asanas seem hard enough, and if you take a look around social media, it may feel like you need to invest big bucks to be able to have a decent yoga practice, between all the different accessories and props available.

But here’s the deal: you don’t need a lot of accessories, or a big budget, to get started on your yoga practice. Just a few quality props that can help you

Getting started: It’s all about alignment 

As you begin your practice, what’s most important is getting your alignment right. Alignment is important to ensure that your limbs are in place, and is intended to create a stable foundation for a safe practice. Proper alignment allows you to open up your body in new ways and helps reduce the risk of injury. 

Balance for beginners.

As you begin, getting the right kind of balance also matters. And there are chances you may fall or take a tumble as you move on to slightly more advanced asanas. This is why having the right surface on which to practice yoga matters. 

There is a reason mats are used in yoga: yogis need mats to provide a layer of protection. 

Mats protect your joints from impact against a hard floor and also provide a grippy surface that can keep you stable, so you can balance. They also help keep you locked in place when you're in an awkward position.

Movement and mobility.

No one is supremely flexible in yoga from day 1. As you start your practice, the aim is to start simple and help your body open up and move better to achieve better mobility. You may need the assistance of certain props and tools to 

help you stretch more and move more, which is completely fine. 

Props for a better yoga practice.

As you embark on your yoga journey, there are some props and accessories you can buy to make your practice better and easier. 

Mats: A mat is pretty much a non-negotiable. Mats help you balance, provide cushioning and comfort in case you fall, and also helps protect weak knees and joints. They also prevent you from slipping during intense sessions. Overall, mats the function of a mat is to provide stability and grip. 

When purchasing a mat, you need to keep in mind the thickness & cushioning, grip, and material.

As you start out, a mat with better cushioning is helpful since it can keep you comfortable, in case you take a tumble.

Grip is important, since this is what prevents you from falling and slipping while you do your asanas and in case you sweat. 

When it comes to material, synthetic materials like PVC tend to be of lower quality and aren’t as durable, while rubber and TPE (a blend of plastic and rubber polymers), are generally thicker, more eco-friendly and more durable.

Mats with alignment lines are great for beginners, as they help you figure out just where to place your limbs and get your posture correct. 

Belts and straps: Yoga belts and straps are great for beginners who may need to stretch, but can’t achieve it unassisted. For example, for poses where you need to hold onto your feet, but cannot reach them with your hands alone. The strap basically acts as an arm extender.

They are also useful for poses and asanas where you may have to use your arms and hands to reach behind your back. If your arms and shoulders aren’t flexible enough for you to reach around and connect both hands, straps can help. 

Blocks: Blocks don’t just provide a height to sit on as you start your session. They also help improve your alignment and flexibility.  When you start and may find it difficult to bend all the way down to the floor,  blocks act as a way to bring the floor closer to you.

Wheel: Yoga wheels can provide ample support for beginners. They can be used to support your neck, back and head in certain poses, like the fish pose. And as you get more advanced, it can be used to hold balance in more challenging poses. They are also a great tool to help you relax into a stretch.

What should you buy? Start your yoga journey here. 

If you’re someone who is looking to start your yoga journey - then maybe our Beginner’s Yoga Collection may interest you.

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  • Yoga mat (can’t practice without one!), 
  • Yoga straps and belts (to help you stretch and move a little more), 
  • Yoga blocks (for better balance),
  • Yoga wear (if you can look cute while executing an asana, why not?)

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