Snack on This, not That.

We all get them: mid-morning hunger pangs, 4pm hunger pangs, and even evening hunger pangs (let’s say you’re feeling peckish at 6-ish).

Our default mechanism is to reach for biscuits or instant noodles or a Diet Coke — because let’s face it, when you’re hangry, you want something that will satisfy your tastebuds first, health be damned.

We’re old enough to know by now that packaged food and canned drinks are NOT the way to go. And that carrot sticks are, well, pretty boring.  But the good news is, the snacking landscape has changed, and there are plenty of healthy(ish) options to choose from online. 

These snacks are high in nutrition, lower in calories, fats and trans-fats compared to your regular packaged goodies, and can help you feel satisfied, all while helping you hit your weight loss goals. 

So with no further ado - here are our recommendations for healthier (and tastier) swaps for your everyday snacks. 

Instead of Parle G and Marie biscuits…

Have Nourish Organics Ginger Cookies. 



Why? Biscuits seem healthier than a bar of milk chocolate, but we tend to snack on them more often than chocolate… because it’s not actually dessert, right? But when you read the fine print: there’s not a whole lot of “good” happening in a packet of biscuits: it’s just refined flour, sugar, palm oil and a lot of empty calories with little to no fibre. Satisfies you in the moment for sure, but it’s not going to keep you satisfied an hour down the line… which is when you’ll reach for another packet of biscuits. Parle G and Marie are great for nostalgia, not so much for your nutritional needs. 

Instead, have Nourish Organics Ginger Cookies. They’re probably the healthiest kind of cookie out there. High in fibre, low in sugar and zero trans fats. They’re loaded with healthy Omega 3 fatty acids, thanks to flax and sunflower seeds and have a good does of fibre from oats, coconut and amaranth. It’s refined sugar-free as well, with coconut sugar as a sweetener. It also has almond butter which means more healthy fats! So you’re getting wayyyy more bang for your buck, taste-wise and nutrition-wise, with these cookies.

Grab a box here.

Instead of instant ramen or Maggi…

Have Doki’s Chicken and Buffalo Jerky!


Maggi and instant ramen: great taste with a chewiness we all crave because duh, gluten. We all know instant noodles are definitely not good for you: the main ingredients are refined flour and palm oil, and there’s wayyy too much sodium. A single serving of Maggi makes up for almost 30% of your daily sodium intake! 

We reach for Maggi and instant noodles because they are high on flavour, filling and fast to make. But it’s not worth it in the long run, considering it’s super low on nutrition. 

Instead, have Doki’s meat jerky and meat chips. Jerky has been around for a long time, but this brand has brought it to India. Their meat and chicken snacks, in the form of jerky and chips, is high in protein and low in calories. It’s also completely gluten-free. While it’s not the same as slurping a bowl of Maggi, it can fix what you actually crave from Maggi: the chewiness of noodles coupled with that hit of salt and spice. Since the jerky and chips are dried and cured, you get great taste minus the palm oil. Also - no cooking required, not even the standard 2-min Maggi time! 

Shop Doki Meats

Instead of Coke and Diet Coke…

Have Shimmmi’s Kombucha.


Soda is bad, whether it contains refined sugar (in Coke) or artificial sweetener (in Diet Coke). They’re refreshing (for a minute) but mostly addictive. Coke and other soft drinks offer literally no health benefits. What they do offer (and we’re not fear mongering, merely stating facts) is weight gain, diabetes, non-alcoholic fatty liver, and heart disease. Oh, and soft drinks mess with your teeth and gums, thanks to their acidic nature. But we get it - fizz is fun!

So instead, have kombucha. Kombucha is a fermented form of tea that has bubbles and fizz - but the good kind, since it’s naturally fermented using raw sugar. Shimmy’s kombucha uses a combination of raw sugar and stevia, so you’re consuming less than 1 gram of sugar per bottle, as opposed to 39 grams of sugar in a single ounce can of Coke. Shimmmi’s kombucha is also coloured and flavoured using natural extracts like blue pea flower and lavender, so there’s nothing artificial about it. Oh - and since it’s a fermented drink, it has plenty of probiotics, which are great for balancing your gut and keeping it healthy!

Buy a bottle here. 

Instead of Nutella…

Have Alpino Jaggery Peanut Butter


Yes, we’re aware that Nutella and a spoon can make a crappy situation better, but it’s going to make you feel crappy a little later: all that sugar will spike your blood sugar levels, leading to a crash; and then you’ll be back to reaching for more junk in no time. And it’s not just the sugar: there’s also palm oil, artificial flavours and emulsifiers like soy lecithin (which can cause gastrointestinal problems if consumed in large quantities.)

Instead, have Alpino’s Jaggery Peanut Butter. You’re still getting the smooth and creamy mouthful that Nutella gives, but with extra protein from peanuts, and sweetness from jaggery, which is a less refined form of sugar (still has calories, but you can feel better knowing it’s not as empty as refined sugar). It also contains whey protein concentrate, make it extra nutrition and packing a real protein punch. 

Buy your jar here. 

Well, know that you know how to snack smarter - go ahead and shop smarter and stock your pantry with healthy eats from our Weight Loss Collection (there’s a lot more yummy + healthy stuff in there!). 

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