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Online shopping is full of fake reviews, mindless influencer push and excessive paid promotions.

Enter Sosh

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Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

  • What is Sosh?


    Sosh is India’s first community commerce marketplace.

    Our belief is that you don’t need a thousand products to choose from. What you need are products that are uniquely right for you. And for the ‘right’ brands to reach you, they shouldn’t have to spend thousands of dollars on meaningless ads. What they should have are trustworthy claims & strong values.

    That’s how we cut the clutter for you and make retail therapy meaningful.

  • What can I do on Sosh?


    You procrastinate here in the brand-verse. JK. Or not. But you discover the right brands for you, shop products recommended by experts in your community, write reviews on the products you purchased, build your own curations and guides of the brands you love, and interact with the face behind your favorite brands. It’s all about community here.

  • Who is a product expert on Sosh?


    You and I are all cut out to be Product Experts. As long as you have in-depth knowledge or a field of expertise. Could be anything from coffee, sneakers, skin care products, camping gear, headphones, etc. Not just that, a Product Expert is eligible to earn commissions on every sale that happens through their profile. So if you’re popular in your social circles for great recommendations, this is your shot to flaunt it.

  • Why is there a guest-list for Sosh?


    Well, Sosh is a club. It’s a feeling. It’s a vibe. And it’s for the select few, to start with.

    Sosh is looking to build a community of online shoppers who absolutely love everything about brands, new product discovery and contribute to the brand-verse. Early users on Sosh get incredible benefits like better discounts, entry to brand rooms and also faster access to become a product expert. So if you fit into what we’re looking for, you’ll have it.

    And once you’re in, you get a chance to invite your friends & community.